A sense of time, a sense of place.

Stories matter.


They can tell us who we are and where we come from. And they can point us in directions we need to know about.


We are awash in information. In a world of printed matter, digital media, social platforms, we are bombarded with facts, data, trivia, details.


We use the methods, instruments, tools of 21st century research to seek out the truths beyond the facts. And we use written and oral storytelling and we use graphic arts to share what we find. Facts are not knowledge. Data are not wisdom.


Beyond the deeper truths we explore and share, the very process of participating together in the quest for true knowledge has power. Sitting around a campfire telling stories changes how we see ourselves, and helps us make connections at new levels with our family, our friends, our neighbors.


Stories leave each of us with our own gift, depending on where we are in life and what we need to hear. But there's magic in the reality of being with others as the story unfolds.


The telling of history is a living process. Graphical and digital tools take historical research beyond the limits of verbal and written form. At the same time, new understandings of histories allow us to see our physical world through different eyes.


We are committed to excellence in research and teaching. From this base we nurture a sense of common bonds--community. We enjoy critical discussion of historical themes and methods, in our work we actively encourage reflections on the origins and the legacies of historical events.


At the Colorado Institute of Historical Geography we are committed to making history accessible, contributing in real and lasting ways to the growth of the Commons we inhabit in our daily lives. In addition to sponsoring community events with an historical focus, we embrace the opportunity to share the findings of our research. Our goal is to share our work with a community audience as wide as possible, in ways that are at once rigorous and engaging.


Above all we recognize and honor the value of history as the guardian of public memory. We are One, and the study and sharing of history are unique in their ability to invoke that spirit.



The Mission

of the

Colorado Institute


Historical Geography


To encourage the continued growth of the community and all its members


by emphasizing our common interests


through nurturing a sense of time and a sense of place.

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      Fort Collins CO 80522 USA

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